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U R Awesome!!!

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Captain Randy's Adventures | 0 comments

U R Awesome – The Feel-Good Apparel & Accessories

Captain Randy Towe is proud to announce the launch of U R Awesome!

The U R Awesome story begins and ends with making people feel better about themselves and the world they are living in! We’re committed to putting a smile on someone’s face and passing-on a happy, friendly vibe to everyone we meet. Join us in our quest to make the world a bit more awesome!

U R Awesome’s mission is to say something positive & happy; make someone feel good about what they’re doing and who they are. We have simple products like T-shirts, stickers, hats and pop sockets to make it easy to tell someone they are doing an Awesome job! It takes little effort to say something positive! U R Awesome is a positive, uplifting message with an unforgettable image for young kids as well as more mature people, working hard to make life work. So please remember, we all know people that R Awesome, show them today! 

Our Quality Sportfishing Solutions

Captain Randy Towe offers a wide variety of professional sportfishing services for Florida Keys anglers. Explore what sets Captain Randy apart from other charter and fishing services in the Florida Keys.

Offshore Fishing Adventures

Join one of the Florida Keys’ most trusted fishing specialists for the adventure of a lifetime on an unforgettable fishing expedition in the deep & pelagic waters off of the fabulous Florida Keys.

Inshore & Backcountry Fishing

Join Captain randy for a backcountry adventure in the Florida Keys targeting popular species native to the flats, channels and back-islands of Tavernier and the Florida Keys.

Signature Series Handmade Rods

Explore the beautiful pieces of functional art available from master rod maker, Captain Randy Towe. From offshore to fly rods, learn more about our custom fishing accessories from Captain Randy Towe.

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