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Islamorada Fishing Charters

Thinking about a fishing trip in the fabulous Florida Keys? Captain Randy Towe puts over 30 years of fishing experience to work for each and every guest on our custom Islamorada Fishing Charters!

Florida Keys Offshore & Deep Sea Fishing Adventures

Join Captain Randy Towe on an offshore adventure in the fabulous Florida Keys! Search for deep water grouper or troll the Gulfstream for migratory pelagic fish species like Mahi Mahi, Tuna & Wahoo.

Backcountry & Inshore Expeditions

Hunt the inshore channels, flats and backcountry environments of the Upper Florida Keys with a Guide that has Captained over 20 teams to tournament wins in the Florida Keys.

Custom, Handmade Fishing Rods

Stop by our location in Tavernier and explore our Signature Series Handmade Fishing Rods, or talk to Captain Randy and have him build you a custom set for your yacht!

“Hey there, Fish Fans!” – Captain Randy Towe

Dive into an Islamorada Fishing Charters with Captain Randy Towe, a 30 year veteran of Florida Keys fishing.

Are you ready to fish with the best in the Florida Keys?!?

Captain Randy Towe and the Quit yer Bitchin’ Fishing Team have been helping anglers experience the wonder and awe-inspiring beauty of the Florida Keys for the past three decades with our Islamorada Fishing Charters. During this time, Captain Randy has guided anglers to victory in over 30 backcountry tournament wins and over 20 offshore tournament wins.

Captain Randy puts 110% of his knowledge and experience to work for charter guests, helping anglers customize the perfect adventure to target the objectives of their Florida Keys fishing charters.


Outstanding Expertise & Professionalism

Captain Randy is one of the foremost experts in Florida Keys angling. He is featured on programs like the Florida Insider Fishing Report, the Sportsman’s Adventures, and How to do Florida for his knowledge and experience on the water.


First-class Gear & Equipment

The Quit yer Bitchin fishing team features on top-of-the-line fishing gear and equipment on our boats. From custom signature series fishing rods to the latest safety equipment, we ensure that your charter in the Florida Keys is completely unforgettable. 


Customized to fit your Fishing Goals

Looking to land a specific species? Want to target a specific style of fishing? Talk to Captain Randy and let the Quit yer Bitchin’ fishing team craft your perfect day on the water!

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Our Florida Keys Fishing Solutions

Offshore Pelagic Fishing Adventures

Join one of the Florida Keys’ most trusted fishing specialists for the adventure of a lifetime on an unforgettable fishing expedition in the deep & pelagic waters off of the fabulous Florida Keys.

Offshore Reef & Wreck Fishing

Bottom fish the reef systems and deep water wrecks of the Upper Florida Keys in search of snapper varieties, grouper species, and other exciting reef fish with the help of one of the best fisherman in the Keys!

Inshore & Backcountry Fishing

Join Captain randy for a backcountry adventure in the Florida Keys targeting popular species native to the flats, channels and back-islands of Tavernier & the Florida Keys.

Signature Series Handmade Fishing Rods

In addition to being an award winning fishing captain, Captain Randy also owns a store front where he manufactures quality hand made rods.

Explore some of our functional works of art in our storefront in Tavernier, or talk to Captain Randy about custom rods to outfit your fishing lifestyle!

What our Anglers are Saying:

Your Search is Over!

If you’re searching for a great captain and mate in Florida’s middle keys that will put you on the right spot and help you land the ones you’re after, your search is over!

-Brad B.

World-class Sportsfishing for Passionate Anglers

Fly or spinning tackle? Troll or bottom fish? Backcountry or Inshore? The choice is yours!
Tap into over 30 years of experience fishing the fabulous Florida Keys!
Hunt for your trophy fish or take the family for an unforgettable fishing adventure!

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